A Me is a You to them  
  Mine n theirs have nothing in common.  
  As I define me I forget these theirs.  
  Because They r the theirs who stop me from being me.  
  You n I.  
  So as I celebrate being Me now  
  as they endorse the fact that it is me
  I say Thank You all   
  A Dreamer   
  A fascist   
  A Rebel   
  A Neo   
  A Tyrant   
  A Laze   
  A Tramp   
  A King   
  A Me   
  Its Just Me   
  A Style   
  A Vagabond
  A Raggamuffin.   
  A Black   
  A Maverick.   
  A Payer   
  A Sexy   
  A Me Me Me...